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no. 1

letter from the editor / Ryan H. Smith


Slipping the Mickey / Michael Fontana

Black Car / Sierra Pearl Drossman

Bayside Queens / Alex Rawitz

Middle Ground / Jennifer Dunn


The Permanent / José Enrique Medina

1-800-HEARTACHE / José Enrique Medina

Quench / José Enrique Medina

running w/o scissors / Robin Gow

Spring Theory / Terry Adams

The Licker of Sweet Walls / Terry Adams


Sugarinabowl / Timmy Chong

Night Shift / Glen Armstrong

why I've been blacklisted from every strip

club in the pacific northwest / Maya Cheav

As Particulate Matter / Simone Zapata


A Difficult Form / Paul Hostovsky

Notice of Proposed Land Use / Christina Ana Montilla

A Stitch in Time / Zoya Ahmed


Between Paper and the Built World / Kevin Driscoll

Untitled (Reflections) / Kevin Driscoll

1619 / Sarah Wilson

Tape Recorder / Rachel Coyne

Stuck in Limbo / Charles Adesanmi Adedeji

Mind's Eye / Matty Heimgartner

Rock Bottom / Jess Self

Nose / Julie Blankenship

Breath / Daryna Nesterenko

Scam /Marat X Marat

Our Beach / ILHAN


Dead Road / Nathan Gehoski

A One Hundred–Piece Jigsaw Puzzle

of Arthur My Grandfather / Jonathon Kane

Putrescence / Maggie Ackers

The Artifact / Michele Battiste and Priscilla Gonzalez

closing message / The Alchemists

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