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Maya Cheav

why I've been blacklisted from every strip club in the pacific northwest

TL;DR: it’s because I don’t let the boys have any fun. 


I know that cold metal pole,
those bedazzled bodysuits 
shrinkwrapped to skin.
I’ve sported the pink 
fur coats, crawled out of 
too many too-friendly hands.
I know what it’s like to have a name 
that doesn’t belong        start to 
wag you.


so if I see them slip rohypnol into cock-
tails and text their wives 
about their late work, is it my fault 


            they end up face down
            in my getting-to-know-you knuckles?

Maya Cheav is described as “vaguely off-putting” by loved ones and “well-liked” by mosquitoes. Her writing has been featured or is forthcoming in Ouroboros, Free Flash Fiction, Stone of Madness, Bizarrchitecture, ALOCASIA, Scapegoat Review, and Across the Margin. They are the author of LYKAIA (Bottlecap Press, 2023).

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