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Based in San José, California, Midnight Chem is the brainchild of four former editors of Reed Magazine. During our time at Reed, our team was responsible for selecting and publishing two Pushcart Prize winners, received an official Commendation from the City of San José, and amassed several other literary awards and recognitions.

Midnight Chem is committed to providing more equal footing when publishing genre-bending and experimental works. Our approach to aesthetics is eclectic—we seek pieces ranging from pop to literary to nonconformist; we aim to avoid the banal. Our journal seeks to publish underrepresented artists and writers as well as more established voices. To spotlight the new, the unheard, the marginalized. Surprise us! Bring your messenger bag full of oddities and facts rehammered. Hold the flashlight under your chin and spin your wildest yarn for us around the literary campfire. Midnight Chem is a place for the indelible and unpredictable, the ambitious and effervescent.

We accept art, poetry, nonfiction, fiction, and blends of those genres, including digital poetry, interactive fiction, comics, scripts, and more.

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